Black Weed Bear Silky Durag

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The "Weed Bear” silky durag in black is part of the new Jason C Peters brand. The durag is unisex and is one size fits all to ensure that everyone can be part of my brand! 

Each silky durag is made from the finest, most comfortable and high end quality satin and silk materials. Each durag has long strings so that you are able to turn the durag into different styles while wearing it which m akes it very cool & functional!

Not only will you look great but your hair will be protected as you wear theses stylist, fashionable, one of a kind, unique and eye catching silky durags. 

Treat your silky durags with love and care so that they are ensured to last a lifetime! Hand washing & air drying but also using your washer and dryer are great methods to taking care of your durag! The quality will last a lifetime with either method! 

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